Off Center Patio & Pub

Open wednesday 4pm - 10pm

5286 Center St Hilliard, OH  43026

One Part Puerto Rico. One Part New York. Two Parts Incredible.

Our Story

From left to right: Tara, Liz, and Joel smiling at the camera

Though Joel is a native of NYC and Tara of rural Ohio, the two met nearly 7,000 miles away, while living in the South Korean city of Bundang. They returned to the States together, and chose to call Columbus’s South Side home.

Soon after, they discovered by happenstance the Old Hilliard community fixture known as Benito’s, and its fearless leader, Liz White. Joel and Tara established a friendship with Liz. They visited often; it’s even where they got engaged. (Fun fact, the colors of the interior are based on their wedding colors. The eclectic interior of Off Center was even designed by the same person who created and curated their wedding décor, the amazing Stephie Hughes.) When the pandemic began, Tara and Joel supported their friend in a variety of ways, from social media promotion to fundraising, and then, committing to helping her find a buyer… which ended up being THEM!

Tara and Joel have an adventurous teenager, two energetic preschoolers, and a big hound dog named Conway. They also own Community Grounds: Coffee & Meeting House and Catherine Street Mercantile in Ganthers Place, the neighborhood in which they live. In addition, they own CTO, a health and safety training center Tara founded in January, 2013.

Tara is the idea generator. She manages the team, and maintains all the creative stuff that happens behind the scenes, which often includes talking Joel into embracing her latest idea.

Joel is the executor. Joel’s family hails from Puerto Rico’s North Region, though “home” for Joel is Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood. He loves bringing the diverse flavors of the Nuyorican experience to you.

So, come choose from the menu that one guy turned his nose up at and said, “That’s just too much flavor for me.” See you soon. 😉

Our Food

Four large pizzas with a variety of toppings

We build our menu with high-quality and inclusive food options. In addition to our classic mozzarella, we have THREE delicious vegan cheese options for our pizzas, along with plenty of fresh toppings!

Feeling hungry?